We are so glad to be connecting with you! At Real Life, we have seen again and again that the most secure friendships come when we can live real alongside each other. We'd love for you to complete the form below so that we can stay in touch and pray for you by name.

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Social Media

One of the easiest ways to connect with us is on social media! We'll be sure to keep you up to date on upcoming events and announcements. You can also join us on Facebook at 10 AM on Sundays for a livestream of our service. You can find us on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube using the buttons at the bottom of this page. Comment along, and be sure to follow these instructions to ensure you're seeing our page in your newsfeed on Facebook:

On a computer, navigate to our Facebook page. Near the top, you'll see a button that says 'Contact Us.' Under that button, there will be a button with three dots that you will need to click. Click 'Follow Settings' in the menu that appears. Under 'News Feed,' click 'See First.' Click 'Update.'

Church App

Download our free church app to connect, grow, and share from wherever you are! From our app, you can check out all of the news of the church, listen to sermons, give tithes and offerings, learn more about Real Life, read devotionals or the Bible, register for events, look at the calendar ahead, share prayer requests, and log into Elvanto!


Each week, we share upcoming events, news, and helpful links in our online newsletter. To receive these, be sure to contact a pastor with your e-mail address.

Go to Lunch

At Real Life, we believe that the best conversations happen around the table. We encourage everyone to set aside a Sunday or two (or more) a month to eat lunch with someone else from church. Even if you've never talked before, over food is a great place to start! We encourage you to post a picture on social media anytime you're around a table with other people and use the hashtag #aroundthetable.

Come to Church

We know this may seem obvious to some, but we also know how easy it is to let life stop us from attending church on Sunday mornings. Getting the kids ready, logging off from work, setting your alarm on a weekend, making the drive, delaying your plans for the day...we all have that "thing" that tempts us into staying home. The truth is that coming to church in person on Sunday morning is the absolute best way to get connected. Our services are at 10 AM and last about an hour, designed to accommodate your schedule on Sundays. But, ultimately, YOU have to make the decision to make it a priority.

Hospitality Time

Every Sunday from 9:30-10 AM, we have what is called Hospitality Time. We serve coffee, water, and light breakfast items for free, and we encourage you to engage in conversation with others. If you're looking to connect, hang out during Hospitality Time! If you REALLY want to connect, challenge yourself to talk to someone different each Sunday OR to meet everyone in the room. This is meant to be a time of fellowship and connection, so come hang out during this time!


We constantly have things going on that we would love to have you join us for! Sign up to help someone move, come cheer on the softball team, go to Ladies' Night, or bring a chili for the Cookoff. We know that it is hard to come to events when you don't feel connected to anyone, but it is also tough to get connected to people when you don't come to events. Take a chance, and trust that we will see you and love you! Whatever happens, just keep showing up.


Life Groups

Every so often, we launch a new life group at Real Life. These are advertised on the announcement slides and on the church calendar on an ongoing basis, but we also advertise them heavily before they begin. Finding a life group gives you the ability to grow closer to others and to Christ simultaneously. We encourage you to be plugged into a life group for every season of life because you never know when you will need a close tribe of people surrounding you.

Make Your Move

While all of these are great ways to connect at Real Life, we also highly emphasize the relationships that are built organically. By this we mean having people over to your house for dinner, inviting another family to swim or go camping, having a sleepover for a few people, going to see a movie with others, or inviting a group of people to your football game, softball game, theatre production, you name it! We could provide events all year long, but there would still be people that felt disconnected. SO, we challenge you: don't wait on us. Make your move. Send the text, make the call, buy the tickets, or follow on Facebook. Do what you need to do, but DO something to reach out to other people in a way that will help you to connect.