Prickly Feelings

Rev. Kristie Selvidge   -  

On Sunday we started our Lent series titled, “These Forty Days!” We began by looking at the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. I shared about how Jesus challenged the cultural norms of that day. People expected him to stick up for those who “had their stuff together.” Jesus ruffled some feathers by challenging the status quo. He said that qualities like humility, meekness, and a deep hunger for the things of God were what mattered more than anything else. This was not what people expected.

I challenged us to allow ourselves to be unsettled during this season of Lent. Give something up for the remainder of the 40 days of lent. Remove something that gets in the way of you digging into your walk with Christ. Then put something in its place that allows you to deepen your walk with the Lord. Ask the tough questions of yourself that you tend to avoid because it means dealing with your “junk” and sit in the unsettled while the Lord helps you wash away the muck!

If you would say that your walk with the Lord is great and you really have dealt with all your junk, then I have another couple of challenges for you. Take some time to do something for someone in need this week, look for those who are lacking in some way and be a blessing. This may mean stepping out of your comfort zone into someone else’s space!

Try this challenge for another opportunity to be unsettled and maybe even uncomfortable. We are called to love others, including those who are different than we are. Have a conversation with someone who is different than you this week. Move from your own space into theirs. Meet them on their ground in THEIR place of comfort. Ask them questions and ask them to share their story, and then, just listen. Allow yourself to agree to disagree if necessary, but listen. This is a small step in living out the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Let’s deal with our prickly feelings and stop allowing the enemy to hold us back from making a huge impact for the Kingdom HERE AND NOW! So, what’ll it be, deal with your junk, be a blessing, or spark up a conversation? Who’s up for a challenge?

Praying for your “unsettledness” as the Lord works in your hearts this week!