COVID-19 Live Updates

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May 28th, 9 PM – Pastors Kristie and Jeremy announce gathering plan for June 7th.
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May 7th, 2 PM – Pastors Kristie and Sarah announce that we will not be meeting in-person throughout May.
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May 3rd, 2 PM – Board and Staff meet to establish re-opening plan following COVID-19.

March 29th, 12 PM – Pastor Sarah announces Facebook changes
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March 28th, 4 PM – Pastor Kristie announces upcoming events
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March 27th, 8 PM – Pastor Ciara announces cancellation of Easter Scavenger Hunt
Unfortunately, Pastor Ciara had to cancel the Easter Scavenger Hunt this year.  To all who had signed up to volunteer, thank you so much for your willingness.  We will prayerfully get to do it next year.  For this year, we would still like to give families something so they can do their own egg hunts at home.  We still need empty or filled eggs and Easter baskets.  If you are able to help with this need, you can drop the items by 4414 Huntwood Drive or call Pastor Ciara to set up a different arrangement.

March 26th, 7 PM – Pastors Jeremy and Kristie check in
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March 22nd, 10 AM – Online Service
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March 21st, 1 PM – Marriage Enrichment Retreat postponed
Marriage Enrichment Retreat, at the end of April, has been postponed. A new date has not yet been announced, but they are hoping for fall.

March 20th, 6:00 PM – Pastor Kristie announces “online-only” services and life circles.
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March 19th, 7:00 PM – Pastor Sam announces youth updates
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March 17th, 7:20 PM – Video Update from Pastor Jeremy
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March 17th, 3:55 PM – Regional NYI Council announces cancellation of TNT
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March 17th, 1 PM – Pastor Ciara announces plans for Real Kids
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March 17th, 12 PM – Event Updates
Youth Game Night, previously scheduled for March 20th, has been canceled. Students are encouraged to play games at home with their families or online with others from the youth group. You can also contact Pastor Sam and invite him to come to play, too!
Youth Bake Sale and Youth Hospitality, previously scheduled for March 22nd, have been canceled. The congregation is encouraged to donate to our youth ministry online by clicking here and selecting “Youth.”
Children’s Talent, previously scheduled for April 18th, has been postponed. A new date has yet to be established.

March 16th, 6 PM – Pastors Jeremy and Kristie announce Bible study
Virtually, we will be encouraging a Bible study together each day. Pastors Jeremy and Kristie will provide a chapter a day that they encourage everyone to read, discuss with friends/family, and share thoughts with the church and/or pastors. Click here to participate in the discussion on Facebook. Click here for the video.

March 16th, 6 PM – Pastors Jeremy and Kristie announce Sunday service accommodations
Hospitality Time will be lifted until further notice; no food or drink will be served. Children’s Ministries (including nursery) will be lifted through the end of the month. Everyone is encouraged to watch and worship with us online, comment to let us know you’re watching, give online, and stay connected with one another. Click here for the video.

March 15th, 10:15 AM – Zone Mission Rally Cancelled
Last night, it was decided to cancel the deputation of the missionaries coming for our Zone Mission Rally. Deputation offerings are still encouraged to be given to help support the missionaries. Click here to give and select “Special Missionary Offering.”

March 15th, 10 AM – Service at Real Life Community, Rescue Story with Portico
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March 15th, 12:00 AM – A devotional thought from Pastor Sarah
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March 14th, 6 PM – Women’s Retreat Cancelled
Women’s Retreat, previously set for March 28th has been canceled. “Regretfully, we are canceling our Women’s Retreat scheduled for March 28th. The District leadership feels we should not congregate during this time. We have hopes of rescheduling for the fall. However, we are in uncharted territory with this COVID-19 pandemic.” Many women are choosing to give their registration money to the pastor’s family in Cookeville who lost their home to the tornadoes. Click here for more information or to contact someone about your registration fee.

March 13th, 4:20 PM – Pastors Jeremy and Kristie announce online service options
Service will still be available at 10 AM on Sunday. Our service will be live-streamed on Facebook for those that would like to protect themselves and work from home. Hospitality Time will continue, but the food will be served by servers wearing gloves from behind the counter. We are initiating elbow-bumps and air-hugs to help prevent the spread of germs. Click here for the video.

March 12th, 5:00 PM – [email protected] Executive Council announces postponement of TNT
“Talents, opportunities, gifts, graces, relationships…Each of these are among the points that are easy to connect to, to relate to, to point to and say: this thing is From God… For God. Yet this journey too, this next step, this next breath, this next hope, too, is From God… For God. Even in the midst of the challenge, God is with us. Our hope is more than just a thing stated; our Hope is formed, founded and forged; From God… For God. And, so into the days ahead join with us as we pray together, we hope together. What draws us together is this great life-changing, disciple-making, world-shaping, movement that is TNT… From God. For God. Due to the global and local concerns from COVID-19, the TNU and the TNT executive council are postponing [email protected] and pursuing alternative dates and options. We are grateful for your prayers and urge everyone to be cautious. We believe God has a great plan for the students who intend to go to TNT, and we pray for direction on how we proceed.”