Transition Ministry Plans

During the search for a new pastor, the Church Board has decided to organize ministry in the season of transition by utilizing our existing ministries and ministry leaders, with a few adjustments/additions. After exploring several options and reviewing our current ministry structure, the Board felt confident that our existing ministries can serve the needs of the church for a season. That said, here are a few changes/additions we’ll be making in the short term:

One Service at 10am

Beginning with our Mission Service with the Millers on May 5th, we’ll be transitioning to a One Service Schedule during the transition (at least through the summer months). This will allow us to come together as a church family, make this journey together and enjoy the energy of the entire church worshiping together.

Ministry Coordinator

Doug Landphair – Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, has served as our Church Board Secretary for several years in the past and is very familiar with the ministries of Real Life and our church’s mission and vision. He will serve in the short term as our Ministry Coordinator, helping to keep the various ministries working together, functioning as an encourager and support to staff and ministry leaders, and making sure everything is covered each week.

Worship Coordinator

Bethany Gilley – Bethany has served on our Worship Team and in Children’s Ministries for the last few years. She will be serving in a coordinating role helping to plan services, select music, schedule volunteer worship teams and organize Sunday mornings.


Guest Speaker Rotation – We’re excited about a great line-up of guest speakers that will take us through the Summer. Many will be sharing 2-3 weeks with us to help provide a sense of continuity. Our upcoming preaching calendar is as follows:

  • August 11 – Ciara Cunningham, Children & Families Pastor, Real Life Community
  • August 18, 25, September 1 – Dr. Nathan Gilley, Family Practice Doctor
  • September 8, 15, 22, 29, October 6 – Dr. Dan Boone, President of Trevecca Nazarene University

Pastoral Search Plans

While the transition plans are important (and we feel very good about this upcoming season of ministry at Real Life), we also have a primary goal of finding a new Pastor and Worship Leader. Our Board will regularly meet with our District Superintendent, Dr. Ron McCormack, to review resumes and consider potential pastors.

The process in our church/denomination is to invite a potential Pastor for an interview. If an interview goes well, our Board would vote to recommend the Pastor to the congregation for a vote. Then, the voting membership of the church would vote on whether or not to issue a call to that person to serve as the next Pastor at Real Life. Then the Pastor gets some time to respond to the call.

As for the Worship Leader position, the next Pastor will have the responsibility of choosing how to structure this ministry area and how to fill this position.

While there is no set time frame for this process, and there is no rush to call a new pastor, our hope is that this will be done in a timely manner so that the search doesn’t drag on for several months or more. We trust in the timing and guidance of God in this process.

If you have questions at any time during this transition, please contact Doug Landphair or Clayton Williams for further information.

May 26th Update from Clayton Williams, Church Board Secretary:
I have some good news to share with you regarding our first pastoral candidate.  The family will be joining us on Sunday, June 23rd to bring the message. Our church board will meet that afternoon for a formal interview. More details to come later, but be in prayer for this family, our church board, and our church. These are exciting times, and I am thankful that we are moving forward.

July 6th Update from Clayton Williams, Church Board Secretary:
I wanted to send a message out regarding our current pastoral candidate.  I spoke with them this morning and regrettably they informed me that they felt that Real Life was not the place that God was calling them to at this time. They expressed nothing but kind and positive remarks about Real Life Church and everyone that they met.  I thanked them greatly for the opportunity to meet them and for their careful consideration. They are great people and they pledged to continue to pray for our church as we continue our pastoral search.  So, your church board will continue to look at potential candidates and begin the call and interview process again.  Please continue to be in prayer for this entire process and know that God is faithful and he will provide. No matter who God places in the role as pastor of Real Life Church, I promise it will be an exciting journey as you and I play a part in what God has written for the next chapter of our church’s story.

July 30th Update from Clayton Williams, Church Board Secretary:
I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on our pastoral transition process. We will be hosting our next pastoral candidate on August 18th at 5:00 PM.  We will have our regular service on Sunday morning and an additional service that evening to hear the candidate preach.  Your church board will be formally interviewing after the evening service. Please plan on attending this special service and supporting your church leadership through prayer as we continue to seek out who God has called to lead Real Life Community through the next season.

August 30th Update from Clayton Williams, Church Board Secretary:
The pastoral candidates who interviewed with us two weeks ago have accepted our board invitation to become the pastors of Real Life Church and soon will be before the church membership for a vote. If voted upon favorably by the congregation, they would be Co-Pastors and would share not only leadership responsibilities but also the pastoral responsibilities. The process for selecting a pastor in the Nazarene Church requires that the church membership vote on calling the pastor that the board has recommended.  This means that we will be announcing this formally the next two Sundays and then take a vote on Sunday, September 15th. In order for the candidates to be approved, the vote must be at least 66% yes. In order to be eligible to vote, you must be an official member of Real Life Church and at least 16 years of age. We would ask that you continue to pray for your church leadership as well as the candidates as they work through this transition process. If you have any questions or concerns about this entire process please don’t hesitate to speak to one of your board members.

*Out of respect for any pastoral candidates, no names will be featured online. Please plan to attend services in person and keep an eye on your e-mail for more specific details. Thank you for your understanding.