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At Real Life Community, one of our core mission areas of focus is GROWING in Christlikeness. Historically, this is known within the church as “discipleship.” We don’t just want people coming to Sunday services and making decisions to believe in Jesus. We want each person to press in to the transforming work of God in their lives so that they can reflect the image of their Savior in the world.
We have chosen to work toward this goal of GROWING in Christlikeness through Group Life. We believe that sharing life together in studies and/or ministry activity with others is one of the primary avenues God uses to shape our lives into the likeness of Jesus.
Beginning this Summer, our approach to Group Life will be transforming. In partnership with our sister Nazarene churches in Murfreesboro, we will offer several, semester-based (approximately 12 weeks, 3 semesters/year) groups on a broad range of topics and interests that meet throughout the week in various locations. Before each semester, all these groups will be advertised and open sign ups will take place at all the churches. When the new semester begins, each group will begin a new study, so it will be a great time to jump in!
Some groups will choose to stay together for longer than one semester in order to focus on deeper relational connection and spiritual growth. Others will begin fresh every semester. Either way, this semester based format will bring all our groups into the same rhythm and make it clear, with each seasonal sign up, what groups we offer and how someone can get connected to one.
We believe this new format will create regular opportunities for renewal, on-ramps for people who are interested in engaging in the GROWING aspect of our mission statement and build in a seasonal rhythm to keep us all moving forward together.
One of the things I’m most excited about is our partnership with our sister Nazarene churches in town. We have planned this new format together as a joint effort and each church will be offering groups to all our churches. Most of these groups have leaders from multiple churches. This partnership allows smaller churches like ours to offer a greater variety of groups, in more locations and at more times during the week than we could on our own. Because of this partnership, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to find a group that interests you, meets when you can make it and at a convenient location.
This weekend we begin “Sign Up Month” as a part of the new rhythm. We’ll have brochures and sign up forms at each of the churches over the next four weeks. Any person from any church will be able, beginning this weekend, to sign up for the group that best meets their need and interest. At Real Life, we’re shooting for 100% participation of regular attenders in these groups. So, I would like to ask you today, please read through this brochure and begin thinking about the group that most interests you for the summer. Then sign up right here on the website, through the app, or fill out a card during service Sunday!

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Young at Heart (Sunday Afternoons)
Sunday Afternoons (en espanol)
In the Beginning (Sunday Nights)
Mom Set Free (Sunday Nights)
Good & Beautiful God (Sunday Nights)
Psalmist’s Cry (Sunday Nights)
Youth (Sunday Nights)
Murfreesboro Kids (Sunday Nights)
Men’s Bible Study (Monday)
Women’s Bible Study (Monday)
Children’s Quizzing (Monday)
Philippians Bible Study (Tuesday Morning)
Prayer Meeting (Wednesday Night)
Nazboro Kids (Wednesday Nights)
Bloom Group (Wednesday Nights)
Young Adults (Trevecca Wednesday)
Men’s Softball
Service Projects Group

You can choose which class you’d like to register for right here.

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